Next July 22,2009 the International Year of Astronomy 2009 will have its own total solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse is a rare event when the Moon passes just in front of the Sun, occulting its light for few minutes. The apparent size of the Moon and the Sun on the sky are the same. This creates a narrow path on the earth where this eclipse completely blocks the Sun, creating one of the most impressive astronomical events anyone can see.

This time, the total solar eclipse will be visible only from certain parts of Western Asia, see the map:

the black dot is the region from where totality is seen, the grey area is the region from where the Solar disc is partially occulted.

The black dot is from where totality is seen, grey area is from where the eclipse will be partial. Time is UT.

If you live under the eclipse path, enjoy it (safely ), and send us your pictures!

For the rest of us, we will see here the pictures of the eclipse as it is happening, for example via webcast or here.

Enjoy the longest solar eclipse we will see. May the clear skyes be with us.

Eclipse - 26/01/2009 - Helpmekaar College, Braamfontein



  1. nice info…

  2. This was a the greatest Eclipse of the century,

    We have some pictures, photographed from Sri Lanka and would like to submit them.

    Thank you

    • Dear jdpdesh,

      Please fell free to use the automated webtool described here: https://eclipse22jul09.wordpress.com/upload-instructions/

      If you have problems, just send me the text or links to your pictures, and I wil post them.

      Thank you.


  3. just finished editing and uploading the last episode of ‘the eclipse trip’


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