Posted by: brunosan | July 21, 2009

Less than 24 hours for the eclipse

Time is ticking. Less than 24 hours for the eclipse.

The IYA2009 has issued a news updated about it:

  • A high definition broadcast is being provided by
    This location will experience a duration of 5 minutes and 57 seconds of the total phase between 9:37 and 9:43 local time (01:37-01:43 UT). The transmission will cover all phases of the eclipse starting with 1st contact at 8:24 (0:24 UT) and ending with 4th contact at 11:03 (3:03 UT).
  • The Chinese Astronomical Society, supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be hosting a live broadcast of the eclipse. Available online at
    This is an important contribution to IYA2009’s goal of making astronomy accessible to all. Called “Multi-site Federated Live Broadcast of Solar Eclipse on July 22, International Year of Astronomy 2009”, it will take full advantage of the latest networking, multimedia, and emerging Web 2.0 technologies. The public signal will be released to various portals, including websites, TV, and mobile phones.
  • NASA TV are readying themselves for an eclipse broadcast, which will be online here:
  • For those fortunate enough to be in Bangladesh to see the eclipse in person, The Bangladesh Astronomical Association has arranged an observation camp at Tentulia, to observe the eclipse. For details visit
  • SEND US your pictures. You only have to send them to All entries will be forwarded to the Space Generation Advisory Council contest to win a hamper of astronomy tools and books. They will be also added to the official IYA2009 Flickr group.


Can´t wait to see the results.

PD: I´ll try to add external pictures as they occur. If you want to help me out getting those, send me an email to


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