Upload instructions

How to send us your images

We have prepared an automated system for you to post any image related to the eclipse. It is fast, easy and free.

Eclipse Observation @ Colombo
Send us any image of the eclipse itself, or people enjoining this event. This is how:

-Send an email with the pictures to eclipse@solarastronomy2009.org .

-The Subject of the email will be the Title of the picture(s). Please include the Location.

-The Body of the email will be the description.

-Optional: Add this to the end of the email: “tag: solarastronomy2009″ or any other tag you want, like a geotag.

We can also link your pictures to any other website or media, just send us the post to mail@solarastronomy2009.org

The email will fly directly, in seconds, to Flickr and then to the Gallery post section of this page. If afterwards you want to edit or delete it, send us an email to: mail@solarastronomy2009.org

Copyright and moderation policy:

All pictures uploaded, unless otherwise requested, will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Anyone is free (and encouraged) to share it (copy, distribute and transmit the work) and remix it (adapt the work to your needs). However attribution to the author must be made.

Posts will be manually updated prior to the eclipse day. Thereon they will by updated automatically and moderated on-the-fly as they are posted. Moderators will try to keep the flow of material educational and will delete and block any spam or non-related content. Send us an email to mail@solarastronomy2009.org if you want to be a moderator.

In general this website, and uploaded material adheres, unless otherwise mentioned, to the general Solar Physics Task Group copyright and policy guidelines.




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